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Transportation of Brachycephalic Dogs in Airplanes

Dogs of brachycephalic breeds – pugs, bulldogs, sharpies, griffins, Pekingese, etc. – are challenging to deliver over long distances. Since 2016, several airlines (including the largest) have introduced a ban on air transportation of such dogs. The motivation is quite simple:

In dogs of brachycephalic breeds, due to the shortened muzzle, with the altitude difference inevitable during flight, there are more pronounced (compared to other dog breeds) breathing problems. Accordingly, when transported by air for such an animal, the risk of suffocation, a sharp increase in body temperature, jumps in blood pressure, etc., increases significantly. The result is a higher probability of getting a severe pathology or even death of the animal.

All this becomes a serious obstacle both in the way of delivering dogs to new owners and in the way of transporting animals when the owners move to a new place of residence. However, this problem cannot be called unsolvable. The current rules of airlines have some reservations and clarifications that allow the carriage of dogs of brachycephalic breeds. Requirements apply to:

• Choosing the best way of transportation

• Use of enlarged shipping boxes

• Proper documentation

Compliance with these requirements will minimize the risks and guarantee a safe flight for dogs with difficulty breathing due to anatomical features.

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