Логотип компании Delivery Animal

Delivery of animals by courier

Delivery Animal provides air transportation services for dogs, cats, and other animals accompanied by a courier. We know how important your pet’s comfort is to you and how to make your trip as enjoyable as possible. Our couriers will pick up the pet from the house and take it to the airport. Also, the courier will accompany the animal to a new home upon arrival in the country.

The comfort of the animal is something you should not save on. Here are the main reasons to order the delivery of an animal by courier from us:

  • Qualified personnel. Our team loves pets and knows how to make their fluffy friends happy.
  • Guaranteed security. We work according to international standards: we prepare animals for transportation, draw up documents at the veterinarian, and make sure that the conditions in transport are as comfortable as possible for the pet.
  • Photo and video report. During the trip, the courier regularly sends reports to the owner about the journey.


Get more detailed information about our services by leaving a request on the website or writing to the messenger. We will be happy to help get your pet safe and sound to its destination.

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