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If you purchased an animal from a foreign cattery, or intend to take your pet with you to a new place of residence, you should think in advance about how to transport a cat, dog, or other pet to another country. After all, this process is very complicated and will require the execution of a large number of documents, as well as special preparation of the animal for the trip.

Delivery Animal provides services for the transportation of animals by air (over long distances) and ground relocation (from the CIS countries to Europe and between European countries) worldwide on a turnkey basis and also provides a full range of related services. That means you don’t have to choose the proper carrier, deal with lengthy paperwork and face endless bureaucracy. Separately, we provide the service of courier delivery of an animal from home or big cities to the airport and to the delivery address after crossing the border. All details are agreed upon with the client for maximum convenience.

Since you are on our site, you are most likely concerned about the transportation of your pet. You can see the list of services provided below.

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