Логотип компании Delivery Animal

Cargo transportation of animals

Often, customers buy pets from foreign kennels and catteries and they need to be delivered in the fastest and most convenient way.

The question is: whether it is possible to send an animal by plane alone. Cargo transportation of animals is a great option.

Delivery Animal helps pet owners to organize an unaccompanied flight of an animal to any place in the world at the best prices. We specialize in the transportation of dogs, cats, and other animals on a turnkey basis. Our company offers a full range of services for the preparation of documentation and transportation of your pets by air. We take all the worries about moving. By choosing us, you can be calm for a comfortable and fast animal journey because you have entrusted your pet in good hands.

This type of delivery is carried out by air travel. Delivery Animal selects special carriers that meet international standards. All of them have enough space inside, which is the key to comfort and minimizing stress for the animal. The company draws up the required documents, and if necessary, the courier picks up the animal directly from home or a big city. We also provide the service of door-to-door delivery of the animal upon arrival in the country.

The advantages of this type of transportation are:

  1. Speed. Even if you need to cross the ocean, it will not take much time and the animal will not feel separated from the owner.
  2. Comfort. Our company provides pets with individual carriers that meet international standards.
  3. Any countries and distances. Our company delivers pets from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Europe to America (Mexico, Canada, and the USA) and Israel.
  4. Price. This type of delivery is much cheaper than courier services and every owner can afford it.

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