Логотип компании Delivery Animal

Transportation of animals by car

Often, pet owners need to transport a pet to another city or another country. Then they face the question: how to do it quickly, efficiently, and safely?

To solve such a problem, it is enough to contact the Delivery Animal company. We provide the service of “transportation of animals by car”. And thanks to many years of experience and the best specialists, the trip for pets is stress-free and with maximum comfort.

Delivery Animal provides a service of transporting animals on a special car – pet taxi – over short distances: from the CIS countries to Europe and between large European countries (Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Austria, and others). First of all, we value the comfort of animals and do everything to make the trip pleasant for every fluffy friend.

Delivery Animal guarantees the following:

  • Individual cages;
  • Pet-safe treats and water during the trip;
  • Walking pets;
  • Photo and video report during the journey;
  • Climate control in the car for the comfort of animals;
  • Fully insured transport services;
  • Licensed couriers who have up-to-date first aid certificates for cats and dogs;
  • Registration of documents for the transportation of animals on a turnkey basis, following current European legislation.


Our main advantages are experience, animal comfort, and reasonable prices. To order the service, just select “transportation by car of animals” on the website and leave a request on the website or contact us through any convenient messenger.

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