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Delivery of animals to Europe

Have you decided to move your beloved pet to Europe?

Don’t waste time, fill out the application right now! Or write to us on WhatsApp – the application will be processed as soon as possible.

Delivery Animal are experts in animal transportation from the CIS countries to Europe. We approach the delivery of each pet responsibly and individually. Our experts will select the most convenient route, and drivers will quickly and with maximum care deliver pets directly to the door of your home. For 7 years of impeccable work, we have gained a perfect reputation and the love of our customers. We strive to make pet transporting over long distances simple, affordable, and stress-free.

If you buy an animal from a foreign cattery or move to Europe for permanent residence, the issue of transporting animals can be relevant for you.

Delivery Animal will be happy to relieve you of unnecessary worries. We have vast experience in delivering animals to European countries. And we know a lot of subtleties that relate to transportation.

When you work with us, you can expect excellent customer service from the first click to the final delivery while we ensure your pet’s well-being, comfort, and safety throughout their journey.

We offer the service of transporting the animal in a specially equipped car with climate control and comfortable cages.

The option of delivering a pet by courier is also available: the pet is taken directly from your home and delivered to the desired address in another country.

All our employees will make the pet’s trip perfect because:

  • They love pets;
  • Have an international license and know how to handle different animals;
  • Trained in first aid if necessary;
  • All the time they spend with your pet and take care of its comfort;


Delivery Animal takes care of all the concerns related to the transportation of the animal, the preparation of documents, and the solution of bureaucratic issues on a turnkey basis. All you need to organize a trip is to contact us via the website or any messenger and entrust your pet to us. Our customers are always satisfied with the service because ensuring comfort, safety, and well-being of your pet is our top priority.