Логотип компании Delivery Animal

Delivery of animals to the USA

Have you decided to move your beloved pet to USA?

Don’t waste time, fill out the application right now! Or write to us on WhatsApp – the application will be processed as soon as possible.

We created Delivery Animal with a simple goal – to provide safe, simple, and reliable animal transportation services to the US and other countries. We understand how important pets are to you, so we treat them with great awe and love.

We know how difficult and stressful entering the US can be. To arrive in the country, the animal must have a lot of documents, a passport, permission from the authorities, and much more. The experienced Delivery Animal team has been working in the international animal transportation market for more than 7 years and knows about all the “pitfalls” related to entering the USA. We have helped relocate over 10,000 pets and can be proud of our reputation as the best pet moving company.

We will prepare all the necessary documents for transporting your pet to the United States with a 100% guarantee that the animal will enter the country.

We employ only licensed couriers who have undergone special training.

We offer not only animal transportation services but also targeted delivery in the country of arrival. It is also possible to accompany the animal to the airport directly from your home or the nearest big city. Thus, you do not have to bring the animal to the airport a few hours before departure and draw up a lot of paperwork.

Ensuring the comfort, safety, and happiness of your pets throughout the entire transportation process is our top priority.

The main reasons to order the delivery of an animal to the USA in our company:

  1. Taking care of you, we will gladly save you from all the bureaucracy, paperwork, and any unforeseen situations.
  2. Animal care is our job, and we always put the welfare of your pets first. We are the best experts in the international market. And we stay abreast of all veterinary protocols, quarantine requirements around the world, and how to make the animal’s journey as enjoyable as possible.
  3. We find solutions, not problems. We have been transporting pregnant pets, finding alternatives to canceled flights, and working like clockwork during a global pandemic. We have the motto “only work perfectly” because we know how important your pets are to you.
  4. Our quality and reputation are the best in the entire international animal transport market.


You can order a pet transportation service by leaving a request on the website or by contacting us through any convenient messenger.