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    Successful transportation of animals to different countries of America and Europe.

    Delivery Animal is a company that organizes animal transportation to different countries. Thousands of satisfied customers advise using the company’s services and entrusting pet transportation to professionals.

    Delivery Animal has been operating on the international market for more than 7 years and boasts an impeccable reputation and the highest quality of service.

    The company offers services for organizing and transporting animals to different parts of the world: from the CIS countries to Europe, America (USA, Canada, Mexico), and Israel.

    From the CIS to European countries, animal transportation is carried out by road transport – animal taxi. The company took care of the pets, and all cars are specially equipped with comfortable boxes and climate control. Only licensed couriers of the company, who care about the safety and comfort of animals as much as possible, carry out animal deliveries to Europe .

    Animal transportation to the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Israel is carried out by aircraft. To make air travel more comfortable, the company itself selects the necessary pet carrier that will meet international requirements. For air travel, the client himself can choose the method of delivery of the pet: with or without a courier – cargo transportation.

    Delivery Animal takes care of all pet transportation: from booking flight tickets to veterinary certificates and border crossing permits. Experienced specialists collect all the documentation in the shortest possible time, which makes the transportation of animals as calm and pleasant as possible. All a pet owner needs to do is contact Delivery Animal’s team of professionals.

    5 reasons to order transportation of animals from Delivery Animal:

    1. Individual approach to each pet: our employees adore animals and take care of their passengers.
    2. Paperwork on a turnkey basis: the client does not need to take care of anything – the team takes care of all transportation.
    3. Comfort: the company selects carriers for transporting pets and takes care of them during the journey.
    4. Delivery of animals by courier: a courier can deliver a pet directly to the airport and take it to a new home upon arrival in the country.
    5. Professionalism: Delivery Animal works at the highest level, providing the fastest and most comfortable transportation of animals worldwide.