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Requirements for transporting animals to EU countries

Vacation in Europe with your dog and cat, what could be better. But for this you need to prepare and the most important thing that you need to know is what exactly is necessary.

For this, we have prepared a list of necessary documents for your pet.

When crossing the border of the countries of the European Union and the Schengen zone, there is no difference whether you are transporting a cat or a dog.

Here you can find everything you need to cross the border and import an animal into the EU.

  • International veterinary passport, without it there is no place, be sure to make sure that the passport contains records of all vaccinations, as well as the animal’s chip number.
  • Microchip. A must for traveling in Europe with animals.
  • Titers. A document proving the absence of rabies in the animal must be done in advance, at the time of departure the titers must be more than 3 months old and all timely vaccinations against rabies are mandatory (if one was done untimely – the result of the tests will be canceled, in this case the cat or dog cannot cross the border).
  • International veterinary certificate (Form 1 – VET). It is issued in a state veterinary institution, after which you exchange it for an international certificate. It is important that this document is valid for 3 days. You must bring your animal to the vet with your own passport and the animal’s passport.
  • A photocopy of the pet owner’s passport.
  • Availability of all necessary vaccinations. They must be recorded in the passport with appropriate stickers, the date of vaccination and the stamp of the hospital and the signature of the veterinarian.
  • Certificate of lack of breeding value. It may not be asked, but it is better to have it with you – it is possible to get a certificate from the tribal clubs of your city.
  • Carrying Find out in advance the requirements for transporting an animal, depending on the method of transportation, airlines, etc.
  • Please note that there are restrictions on the age of the animal: age from 7 months (in 3 months, vaccination against rabies – 30 days of quarantine – analysis for antibodies – 90 days of quarantine at home).

Plan your trip in advance and prepare all the necessary documents for importing an animal into Europe.

Also take the time to book a hotel with animals. If you have a dog, plan your vacation so that you can take it with you: see Animal Friendly establishments, museums, etc. Europe is a great place to travel with a dog or a cat.

Also, be sure to prepare the animal for the trip itself, especially if you will use the services of airlines, you can read more about this on our website.

But if you are looking for professional and safe help. You and your pets can travel with our team, which will provide everything necessary for the proper transportation of the animal.

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