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Importation of Cats and Dogs into Canada. What documents are needed.

Now it’s time to packing your bags to Canada, taking your cat or dog toys with you. But the big question remains the same: How do you transport your pet to Canada?

The good news is that the Сanada is more loyal than  U.S. and even European Union regulations, so the list of documents is, though not much, but less.

  • International Veterinary Passport. Necessity for your traveling. Always make sure that the passport contains a record of all vaccinations.
  • Rabies vaccination certificate. It should be a separate document certified by the state veterinarian (passport records will not replace it). Note that the dog or cat must be 3 months of age or older.
  • Titers. A certificate confirming that the animal has rabies antibodies. Mostly it is checked at the airport.
  • International-style veterinary certificate is the same Form 1 – VET. It is issued in the state veterinary office, and then you exchange it for an international certificate when you enter the airport, so come in advance to have time for everything. This document is only valid for 3 days. It is imperative that you come to the veterinarian with your pet’s own passport and the pet’s passport.
  • A microchip is not required for pets in Canada, but it is best to always have one, for your peace of mind.

The microchip is only mandatory for commercial dogs. And only if those dogs are over 8 months old.

All animals brought into Canada must be inspected by the CBSA (Canadian Border Agency). This is to check the documents, their validity, originality, compliance, etc., and of course to review the animal directly.

If your pet does not meet Canadian regulations, you will be referred to CFIA (Animal Health Department), CFIA allows you to vaccinate your pet within 2 weeks. Animals can also be referred to the health department for assistance with examining the animal, etc. There is a fee for CFIA services.

Unfortunately, that’s not all you have to do. First, you’ll need to find out all the conditions for transporting your cat or dog from the airline you’re planning to fly on. After all, different airlines have different rules for flying with pets to Canada, so you need to be prepared for this in advance.

However, there is a much easier way to do everything – contact our team, who will help you transport your pet to Canada, without any problems, stress or worries. You can fly together or send your pet on a solo trip and be assured that traveling with your pet to Canada or to another country will be easier than pouring food.

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